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" Stock options have been a proxy for corporate accountability.It has taken decades of debate to achieve basic option-expensing rules.

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Erik lie ("On the Timing of CEO Stock Option Awards," Management Science, vol. 5, May 2005) dug deeper into this phenomenon, documenting an unusual pattern of negative returns prior to option-award grant dates that reversed in the post-grant date period.

lie concluded: "Unless executives have an informational advantage that allows them to develop superior forecasts regarding the future market movements that drive these predicted returns, the results suggest that the official grant date must have been set retroactively" (emphasis added). Attorney's Office, the sec, the FBI, and the 1RS are conducting investigations into stock option grant manipulations.

Next, the authors examine Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)-related problems that arise from backdated stock options. The charges alleged that Reyes and Jensen regularly caused Brocade to grant "in-the-money" options to both new and current employees between 20, but backdated documents so that it appeared the options were "at-the-money" when granted.

The article concludes by presenting the potential financial implications of backdating for investors. Because of accounting treatment differences between in-the-money and at-themoney option grants, backdating resulted in materially understated employee compensation expenses and overstated operating income and company performance.

Technically speaking, backdating can be costly for shareholders because it reduces the corporate tax deduction at the time of exercise (the deduction amount is equal to the corporate tax rate times the difference between the exercise price and the stock price).