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The May 17th event will highlight eleven films from countries around the world including Britain, Canada, Spain and the Ukraine. She’s about to give up on this cast of drips when, closing her laptop, she hears a voice protesting from within it.It’s Yergey (Stewart Lockwood), a Russian astronaut—a maintenance man on a deep-space telescope. Director Ben Aston is a London born filmmaker, raised in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia and Bath.

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A pair of curtains plays the part of a prom date, and a clothes hanger the part of a mother.

Mend and Make Do, made only by 10 students, captures a classical atmosphere whilst maintaining a grip over the audience’s emotions.

The palimpsests of the past seem to dance around as if to command relevance and usefulness, and the result is highly effective.

The Butter Knife - Eshaana Sheth Eshaana Sheth describes her short film, "The Butter Knife" as "a snapshot of modern, intercultural dating." The six minute film marks Sheth's first time directing something she wrote, and it has already received multiple accolades including "Best Romantic Comedy" at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

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